Bodega Collections

One of the basic features of the bodega ecosystem are the Collections.
The collections are a set of assets with a common characteristic.
A collection can be something like the “Most Viewed Assets” or “Most Downloaded Assets”.
The bodega-server used to have the collections feature for quite some time now but our
clients didn’t. So during my Google Summer of Code 2013 project I added support for the Collections
in our clients. Below you can see some screenshots from our clients.

Our clients are the bodega-client and bodega-webapp-clientbodega-collections
The bodega-webapp-client is still in the alpha phase, since we focus
more on the native one. We prefer to have a complete client rather than
two incomplete ones :).

2 thoughts on “Bodega Collections”

  1. Nice job here =)
    Regarding the web client – have a look at Bootstrap project (, it provides a very convenient base for creating web [and mobile] apps. You may be familiar with it’s interface as it was used in and, afaict, twitter =)

    1. Yes I am familiar with twitter Bootstrap because the web client is already using it 🙂
      also all of the bodega web applications are using twitter bootstrap.

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