Bodega Asset Ratings

One crucial feature for a content store are the ratings of an asset,
every content store needs some ratings in its assets. So we had to figure
out how to handle the ratings in in bodega, my idea was to
use the 5-star rating system. I was thinking “What could go wrong? Its the system that most of
the content systems are using.” well here is what it could go wrong 🙂
The image from the xkcb explains how meaningless is the 5-star rating system. Then Aaron proposed an alternative solution and is the one which we use. Every category of assets would have a few rating attributes
which would have a description and a value. So, here is an example, all the assets of the category games would have rating attributes such as:
  • performance
  • stability
  • playability
those attributes can have values from 1-5 which will have guiding text to help the user decide how to rate the item. for instance, stability might have as 1 star the value “crashes often” and 5 star “rock solid”
During my Google Summer of Code 2013 project I had to implement the ratings feature.
I had to implement the ratings functionality in the bodega-server and to our client. That’s why I was silent about the ratings, I guess making a blog post with some raw json isn’t exciting 🙂 So here is how the ratings look like in the bodega-client
Also all the bodega API is documented at
Contact Info
If you are interesting about bodega you can
contact us at or in #active at freenode

9 thoughts on “Bodega Asset Ratings”

    1. The contents that you see in the screenshots are coming from the bodega-server and they are the test data of the server.
      The bodega-server doesn’t contain any hardcoded data.
      So all the rating attributes(like perfomance etc) are modifiable.

  1. So, instead of using the familiar 5 stars rating everybody knows you guys try to be different, that means more work for the reviewer, it also means some voters may not now how to mesure for example “Performance” in speed? in framerates in network? in what?

    You guys are overcomplitated something that shoulb be as simples as 1 to 5.

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