Bodega Content System Web Application Client

We are happy to announce the move of the Bodega Content System Web Application(bodega web-app)  Client in KDE’s playground. The bodega web-app client is a frontend for the bodega-server like the Addons Store is. We have made a video which presents some of the basic features of the bodega web-app client.

The bodega web-app client is a playground project so its not ready yet, this is just what we have done until now. We have setup the bodega web-app client here in order to make it easier for people to test it and keep an eye on the development of it. 

How To Install It
The Bodega web-app client is completely client-side, in order to install it and test it in your machine you must do

> cd bodega-webapp-client
> npm install (only the first time in order to install the dependencies)
> node app.js

irc channel:
#active @freenode
Mailing List: