3 KDE SC 4.8 Release Parties in Greece

For once again it is time to celebrate the new SC. So here in Greece the KDE Greek community organized 3 KDE SC 4.8 Release Parties. At the party they will attend KDE developers,users and people from other Free Open Source projects. The parties will take place in 3 different Greek cities.

  • in Larisa,at January 27th at 18:00 at the LinuxTeam ATEI Larisas’s Lab
  • in Thessaloniki,at January 28th at 20:00 at the TheHackerspace which is located at the “kokkini klosti demeni”
  • and finaly in Athens,at mid of February(more info will announce in the next few days)

This time except from the KDE SC 4.8 we also celebrate the announcement of the KDE Greek community. Actually we celebrate the union of the KDE Greek community. Our community existed in the past. We have contributors,translators and enthusiasts who helped to organized the 2 previous release parties for KDE SC 4.6,4.7 but we didn’t have a common infrastructure. It was much more difficult for us to communicate with each other and of course the Greek KDE users couldn’t find us. So we decided to have a common infrastructure. From now on we will community through the kde-el.kde.org mailing list and the kde-el channel which is hosted on freenode. Also in the next few days we will start using our sites which are the kde-el.org and the kde.gr

Our goal is to establish an active KDE community here in Greece.


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