I just came back from KDE 4.7 release party at Thessaloniki

A few days ago i came back from the KDE 4.7 release party at Thessaloniki.
Sorry for not being able to blog about this event earlier.

Due to a misunderstanding me and my brother arrived at the party two hours after it started.
So we missed the lottery of some nice KDE stuff and the Kake(we also had a KDE cake) .
Fortunately, the party didn’t end when we arrived.:)
When we arrived I saw a lot of unfamiliar faces to me.This was very glad to me because most often I am seeing the
same familiar faces.In the community wiki we were just 10 people and the cafe we were approximately 25 people.
I couldn’t believe in my eyes,I was surprised  by the number or people who attended in the event.

There were people from various distro, unrelated people with KDE/Qt and some Qt freelancers.
It was amazing to see a lot ofdifferent groups of people to be gathered there for a single purpose.:)
It was one of the few times that i felt that we were celebrating/promoting the foss and not ourselves or
our personal preferences.:)
I am definately looking forward for the next KDE event.!


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