Report from the openSUSE el collaboration camp

I have just come back from the first openSUSE el collaboration camp.
The event last for 3 days at the Grand Platon hotel .

I was pleased from the number of the attended people.Most of them were enough familiar with foss stuff.Of course we drank a lot of beer and have some fun in the swimming pool of the hotel.
The nice part of the weekend was that we had people who didn’t use openSUSE.
We had some discussion regarding foss and i heard a lot of different opinions,from very different point of views.
At the event we had also some presentations,I enjoyed very much the presentations of Teo ,Yiannis Chatzimixos and   Antonis Tsiapaliwkas(my bro).

Teo made a presentation for PyQt and Django. A lot of people expressed their desire to get involved with the django framework.

Yiannis made a presentation about vim.I was amazed by the possibilities of vim.If kdevelop didn’t exist i would definatly wanna try the vim.

My bro Antonis presented the Qt singals and slots.It was the identical presentation for someone who just started to programming with Qt, due to the fact that he (Antonis) explained the singals and slots and also some basic stuff of c++.

I am a presentation regarding the KDE Frameworks.In the begging of the presentation i talked about PlatForm 11 event and in the main part of my presentation i explained/presend some of the possibilities of the KDE frameworks(kdelibs).

Note that all these presentations was also workshop.
Unfortunatly there wasn’t many coding people so we were unable to make a discussion about these interesting presentations..

Anyway,i am looking forward for the next collaboration event.:)


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