Exams are over and I am back

Finally the exams for my college are over.I was looking forward for the end of the exams because I wasn’t able to do many foss stuff with my exams running.Now that my exams are over  I have plenty of time to work/contibute to my favourity project,KDE of course.:)

What is next?

I will take a look at my kdesrc-build script and  I will try to make it better and more complete.If i left satisfied from it i will send a mail at the kde-devel list to discuss if it is appropriate or not to add it to some wikipage. Also I will contribute to plasmate,I consider it a personal goal to make plasmate ready for release until Octomber. Guess which project will be released at the Octomber?:P (Answer:Plasma Active)

More details about plasmate’s roadmap will follow in the next blog posts..


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