openSUSE-el at ELLAK Larissas

hello again,

It’s been a while since my last blog post because i was busy enough with some coding.

Yesterday,I participated in an Greek foss event named ELLAK,ELLAK is the Greek word for foss.The ELLAK is an event which happens in parallel in three different greek cities.The three of them was Athens,Thessaloniki and Larissa.

I was participated with the Greek openSUSE community.We were able to have a booth with a lot of openSUSE and foss stuff.

Also i made a presentation,in which i presented the Greek openSUSE community and their projects.One of these projects was openSUSE medical project.I was very excited with the people that spoke with me,because 3 of them expressed their desire to help in the development of the medical project.

It was a very nice event and i enjoyed it a lot.It was one of the few times that i made a presentation,but it was a very nice experience.I am looking forward for my next presentation.;)



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